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Leadership Academy

Welcome to Leadership Academy!

In the current times of global change, the organizational market transforms rapidly. Your organization feels the impact and there is a need for better leaders.

What is Leadership Academy?

Capable people managers who understand the needs of the business and the people. People leaders today need to be able to manage global & remote teams, adapt to HR processes and deliver impact but they are lacking the right guidance to do so.


This leadership program aims to equip managers in your organization with the tools to be a better leader for themselves and their team. The Leadership Academy will help participants overcome the fears and challenges of leading through change and gain the right focus and insight into the needs to succeed in their role.

How Leadership Academy works?

In three sessions of 3-4 hours (0.5 day) we will embark on a journey towards leadership. To be able to manage, motivate and lead yourself, people and teams, knowing who you are as a leader is key. That is why it is important to gain insight into your leadership style. What is also important is to master people & business fundamental processes like feedback, goal & vision setting. 


The participants will be guided by the Certified Executive Coach Sofia Kakkava (MSc, MBA) and her team into a leadership journey that focuses on the core competencies of a leader while providing hands-on tools they can use while leading their teams.


The first session is a journey within. You will gain insight into yourself, your leadership style, your values, the NLP Communication Model, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset for Success and the NLP Model of Change. You will learn what hinders you and what empowers you.

The second session is the journey outside. How do you lead teams? How do you learn to translate your personal vision and mission into values and how do you align them with the business? During the second session we will dive deeper into the managers world and into processes which will make you successful in your role into a people leader like feedback cycles, running successful performance check in, holding career conversations, delivering harsh news. Tools to use every day in your work which will set you and your team for success.


The third session is all about integrating what you learned, by practicing real case management scenarios and role playing so you unlock that leader in you and feel more confident in your role.


The training can be completed in 3 consecutive days or we can leave between each training day a period of three to four weeks, in order to integrate the learning with tailored micro tasks given by our training team with yourself. 


Customized assignments and e-coaching are given to transform behavior and achieve a sustainable change towards leadership.


You will be ready to transition to a people lead role. 


You will understand better core people processes like performance reviews, appraisals and be able to have career conversations.


You will be a better communicator!


You will understand the role of a manager VS a leader.


You will grow your coaching skills. 


You will be able to walk in with confidence in difficult conversations.


You will know better your leadership style.

What are the benefits of Leadership Academy?

For whom Leadership Academy is for?

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3 sessions of

3-4 hours

Online or Physically

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