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Corporate Coaching

Here you can find all the Corporate Coaching services Sofia Kakkava and her team offer. If you wish to learn more details or to get a personalized offer, please contact us on

Sofia pinpoints inhibiting factors in a first analysis, to then remove these with an appropriate training plan. Her practical applied interventions and training techniques help people, managers and teams draw on their own, authentic strengths. This increases performance and effectiveness. And the effects last, because she also gives pointers to consolidate the positive changes.

Sofia has experience with groups and group dynamics, and led countless trainings on leadership, communication, team building, presentation techniques and trainings. She uses her sensitivity, know-how and experience to show people, teams and organizations where their pure strengths lie, so that they can be truly successful. 

Are you a small or medium enterprise?

Sofia Kakkava and her team can coach your employees in various topics including:

  • Leadership

  • Burnout

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Strategic Business Plan

We can shape any of the above services on your needs. To get more details and discuss your inquiry email us on


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