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My Story

Hi! I’m Sofia. I am an advisor, mentor, life coach, business coach and speaker. I am passionate about accelerating the growth of the next generation of leaders and organizations in the most efficient way.


I am what my friends call Unshakable Optimist - I KNOW I can help you become the person you most want to be. I strive to allow you to use your brilliance and industriousness to take your life to the next level. The truth is that you can be good at anything you put your mind to.


I will help you live a limitless life. Through my coaching services, I will challenge you to leave behind all your limitations and achieve the results that you desire.

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My Services

My Services

I offer a variety of coaching services to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your values, strengths, and abilities to support your personal and professional goals. Contact me to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.

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Coaching Session

Are you new to the coaching world and confused about what is the right way forward for you?
Check the main coaching services and choose the one that suits you best. Pick the one that speaks to you the most.

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Hack Your Mindset

With a series of proven scientific tools and coaching exercises specific tailored to your individual needs, I will be guiding you and helping you resolve the deepest blockages that keep you away from your goals and personal happiness.

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Join the mastermind group. Online Mindset Gym can help individuals in all areas of their life, including career, relationships, personal growth, and more.  Identify and overcome obstacles, set and achieve goals, and develop the skills and mindset necessary for success.

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What changed with having Sofia as my coach? My whole professional identity; working skills, ethics, setting boundaries, developing my strengths, and finding a goal. A totally new holistic approach. Today I stand strong in my new position.

Vasiliki Atmatzidou

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