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Coach the coach

Join our 12-week Accredited Coach-the-Coach Program

and become a certified Coach.

Program Overview

Duration: 12 Weeks

Mode: Online, with live sessions and self-paced learning

Embark on a 12-week journey designed to equip aspiring life and business coaches with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools needed to succeed. Our program combines theoretical foundations with practical applications, ensuring you're ready to start your coaching career with confidence.

This program is accredited by a leading coaching accreditation body, ensuring it meets the highest standards of coaching education. Upon completion, participants will receive a certification, qualifying them to practice as certified life and business coaches.

core objectives

Foundations of Coaching

Dive deep into the evolution, and various schools of thought within coaching.

Develop Your Coaching Identity

Craft your unique coaching persona, focusing on your niche, philosophy, and values.

Session Structuring

Master structuring sessions for one-on-one, group, and corporate settings.

Core Coaching Skills

Develop essential skills like active listening, questioning, goal setting, and feedback mechanisms.

Coaching Toolkit

Access a comprehensive set of exercises, templates, and digital tools for effective coaching.

Ethics & Professionalism

Learn about ethical considerations, confidentiality, and professional standards in coaching.

Psychology in Coaching

Understand core psychological theories relevant to coaching, including behavior change, motivation, and cognitive biases.

Introduction to NLP

Understand the basics of NLP and its application in coaching.

Business Fundamentals

Learn how to build a personal brand, marketing strategies, and set up a coaching business using digital tools.

Key highlights

Our Certified Coach-the-Coach Program offers unparalleled benefits that set it apart:


Full Certification 🚀

Achieve comprehensive certification, equipping you to become a professional coach in life and business.


Comprehensive Coaching Materials Included 📚

Access an extensive collection of coaching materials from day one.


Deep Dive into Psychology ✨

Gain a robust understanding of psychological theories related to behavior, motivation, and change.


Structured Training and Real-World Practice 🤝

Engage in specific hours of training and coaching, complemented by real-world practice.


Foundational and Practical Coaching Hours 🌟

Balance foundational learning with practical coaching hours to build confidence and competence.


Cohort-Based Learning Experience 🎉

Learn alongside peers, benefiting from shared experiences, feedback, and support.


Expert Supervision by Sofia Kakkava, MSc 💪🏻

Receive high-quality education and guidance from Sofia Kakkava, MSc in Coaching Psychology.


License to Launch Your Coaching Business ☀️

Receive a certification and the foundational business knowledge to run your own coaching business.


Learning Outcomes


Confidently apply coaching techniques in various contexts.


Understand the psychological principles that underpin effective coaching.


Establish and grow your own coaching practice with a strong personal brand.


Navigate the coaching industry with insights into current trends and future directions.


Meet the standards required for accreditation and professional practice.

our promise

NO other program in the market translates science into practice like ours.


We help you launch a credible coaching business in just 12 weeks.


Fully online with live sessions and self-study hours, our program requires a total dedication of 150 hours.

Why this program?


Accredited and respected in the coaching industry.

Personalized Approach

Premium level of care to empower you to lead the new generation of coaches.



Save years of academic education with our scientifically grounded program.

Cost & Time Efficiency

Save thousands of dollars and time with our reliable program.

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