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3+3 ways to let go of things that do not serve you anymore

People really love the familiar, the habits, they tend to create a safety zone and they like to repeat it. They create attachments to multiple things like people, objects, situations and others, they are scared to let them go because of the fear that they will lose them forever.

There is a power in understanding what doesn’t serve you anymore. It is important to realize this because that’s how you create space for new things that will match your current needs. There is a kind of inner freedom when you decide to let go of old things and start being receptive to new ones.

Letting go has been a huge trend and for sure you have seen somewhere the phrase “Let go of what does not serve you anymore!” or any similar one. But, have you ever thought about what the word "serve" means? Have you ever thought if you are capable of letting go? You might not feel sure on how to do it, and that’s totally fine.

In this blog, you will find details on what and how to let go and 6 ways to start dropping off the things that do not serve you anymore. Continue reading if you want to learn why “letting go” is important and how you can do it successfully.

Photo by Gautam Ramuvel on Unsplash

What is letting go?

Letting go is to leave behind whatever drains your energy, does not give you in return, makes you doubt yourself, makes you feel mentally and emotionally bad. Whatever does not serve you. By serving you, means whatever does not offer back, whatever does not help you develop yourself, does not give you positive feelings and a daily mental boost.

There are some things that aren’t fixed, and can be changed. Here are some ideas of which things you can consider leaving behind:

  • Personal attitudes: like some beliefs, values, or goals you might have.

  • Physical possessions: unuseful items, items that bring you bad energy.

  • Activities: like hobbies, or some commitments, and most importantly habits that do not serve you anymore

  • People: relationships you have, or some groups you might belong, even connections on social media

Now that you are aware of the things you can change, let’s dive deeper into letting go. Take a few minutes and reflect on your current needs. You will gain clarity on the things you want to make space for in your life first, and then you can decide what you need to let go.

Sit in a comfortable space, preferably to be quiet, take a pen and a notebook, ask yourself and write down in detail:

  • What is really important to me right now?

  • What nourishes me and provides me comfort?

  • What gives me the energy I need to take action?

Now that you have reflected on your current situation, it is time to take action!

3 ways to let go of physical items:

  1. Clear your space, give away the old items you do not want.

  2. Get rid of plants, accessories, or other items that are not in a good condition.

  3. Donate all the clothes that you have not worn in the last 1 year.

3 ways to let go and help your mental health:

  1. Journal all your thoughts, your emotional triggers and all the things you believe that are blocking you.

  2. Do an activity that does not contain any kind of screen for at least 1 hour.

  3. Listen to music that pumps you up and dance freely.

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash

These are some simple steps to start the process of letting go. Then, as you’re digging into your emotions, and exploring your current state, you are presented with a great opportunity to release more and become a better version of yourself.

You can reflect regularly, like I do, and the best moment for that is during the full moon. For that reason I have created the Full Moon Ritual workbook to help you reflect.

To be reading this, it means that somehow you are called to get rid of the old and make space for the new. Take some time to do your daily reflections, and practice your affirmations.

Remember: When you realize that something does not fit you anymore, it is okay to leave it behind. By dropping something that is not for you anymore, you create space for new things that suit better that optimized version of yourself.


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