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3 easy ways to grow financially

Your mindset is the key to achieve all your goals. When it comes to improving and achieving your desired finances, your mindset about money is critical. Money plays a huge role in a person’s life, but what you might have already observed is that each one is looking at money from a different perspective. Have you ever thought about your own personal financial mindset?

After reading this blog you will be ready to shape the relationship you want to have with money. You will find ways and tips to include in your daily mindset practices so that you “grow your money.”

Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya on Unsplash

What is really a money mindset?

Money mindset is the whole system of beliefs and attitudes that you have around money. It embodies the decisions you make for money, for example the savings you decide to do, and how you invest your money.

Your money mindset is influenced by many factors, including the psychology of money itself. The experiences you’ve had around money play an important role, how your parents and family treated money, where they spent it, how they felt about their finances, if you have experienced generosity, openness and many more.

But remember, your money mindset has nothing to do with how much money you earn or how much you actually have.

How to shape your money mindset?

1. Understand your past

Your past experiences around money play a crucial role in your perception right now. You need to reflect and think about what you have learned and experienced with money.

Questions to reflect on:

  • What did your parents tell you about money when you were a kid?

  • How did your family treat money? (expenses, investments, savings)

  • What financial choices have you made so far, and how do you feel about each one?

2. Reflect on your current money beliefs

The next step to shape your financial situation is to really understand how you treat money right now and all the conscious and unconscious beliefs and decisions you are taking in your everyday life.

Questions to reflect on:

  • What does being wealthy mean to you? Try to think in detail about it.

  • Now think about today. Where do you spend most of your money? How much do you save? Do you invest? Do you have debts, if yes do you pay on time?

  • How do you feel when paying a bill? How do you feel when getting paid? Describe it in detail.

3. Reprogram your mindset for the future

It is important to visualize your wealthy and abundant future. Reset your mindset towards the financial decisions you want to make from now on.

Questions to reflect on:

  • Imagine that you have all the money you wish. Be there, describe what is happening, how is life, what do you feel?

  • How much money do you want to have as a yearly income? Think about which are the resources (note those that you want to keep having from today, which ones you want to stop, which ones you want to create).

  • What rules do you need to set in terms of spending, investing, saving to achieve your ideal wealth?

Tips to become wealthy:

Photo by Gio Bartlett on Unsplash

1. Journal about your money mindset

Start by greeting money and let it know you are reflecting on these questions because you want to work on your relationship.

Some ideas on what to journal about, but feel free to expand and write down your thoughts.

  • How can I have more of you?

  • What is blocking me from having more of you?

  • How can we grow more together? (Think of this as a relationship)

  • What are the healthy money rituals I have in my life?

2. Use positive money-related affirmations

Affirmations are proven to help the human brain reprogram and help reduce negative thinking. Here are some financial affirmations you may use.

  • I can use money to create a better life.

  • Money can expand the opportunities in my life.

  • Negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals.

  • With hard work and creativity, I can build the financial picture that I desire.

  • I have the power to be a financially successful person.

3. Learn about money

How do you expect it to grow when you do not know things about it? I do not know about you, but nobody really told me at school how to start a business, how to invest and how to do serious financial decision making. There are many tools throughout the internet where you can learn about money, how to shape your money mindset, money tips and ways to manage your money efficiently. It is important to develop financial knowledge, how to get out of debt, build an emergency fund, and manage your income and expenses monthly. Learning about money will help you achieve your financial goals. You can start today. Join a like minded group to learn and exchange knowledge and experiences, find some reliable resources and read about money

If you feel inspired and ready to take action right now to shape your money mindset, here is an all inclusive workbook to work at your own pace.

Having the right money mindset can make the difference when it comes to achieving your financial goals and the life you want. Believe in yourself and set your intentions! You have the power to shape every relationship towards the desired direction, the same applies to your relationship with money. Change your beliefs about money by following these easy and simple ways and tips. Create an abundance mindset to transform your life to wealth, starting today!


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