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5 ways to make your personal goal setting a success

Have you ever heard the coaching question “How do you want to see yourself in 5 years from now?” and you have thought “F*ck, I have no clue.”? Or every new year you try to follow the ritual of “New Year’s Resolutions” without any big success so far? No worries, you are not the only one!

In this blog, you will learn about the importance of setting goals and the principles you should follow to set your goals and succeed.

By setting goals, you can shape the direction of your life, and to set milestones in order to review your progress and celebrate your successes. It is very important to set goals that motivate you, they should be important to you. The motivation to achieve them is the key to success. The goals you set should be relevant to your top priorities, to the main desires and the dreams of your life. This will help you embrace the attitude of the winner, you will become action-oriented and you will eliminate the frustration.

Goal setting is an explicit process that starts with the consideration of what you want to achieve, this can be a new object, skill, or project. Then you should make a detailed plan of actions and tasks with deadlines. If you would like to find more about goals and goal setting, start here.

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The 5 principles to set the right goal for you and guarantee your success

1. Clarity ; Create a clear goal

The goals you set will be your guide to success, thus they should be clear and specific in order to provide you clarity towards your desired state. Clear goals will make your work for the target much easier and you will be able to track your progress. A great tool you can use is the S.M.A.R.T. model of goals.

2. Challenge ; Create a challenging goal

The goals you set will be your journey out of your comfort zone, towards new paths. That’s why you need to set challenging goals, but realistic ones that need effort and focus to achieve them. They will help you to grow as a person and learn new things about yourself. Be careful! Do not fall in the trap of setting super challenging goals that are almost impossible.

3. Commitment ; Be committed to your goal

The goals you set will be your motivation to improve and develop yourself, as mentioned above, you should set motivating goals that will lead you to your end target. If you set motivating goals, you increase the level of commitment in your goal, they will always inspire you to succeed.

4. Feedback ; Review your progress

The goals you set will be your journey to new paths, for this you will need feedback and reviews as the main tool to evaluate your progress and own your wins. The best way to work with feedback is to set a schedule of feedback sessions regarding your plan and your actions, the proposed one is once every week, but depending on the time-frame you have set for your goal you can choose the frequency.

5. Task Complexity ; Plan simple and easy activities

The goals you set will be your list of actions that lead you to success. The actions you will plan to take in order to achieve, need to be well-thought and minimize their complexity. In order to eliminate the stress and frustration during the process, you need to plan simple and doable tasks. Even if you end up planning large goals, try to break them down into smaller ones.

A very important aspect when planning your goals is to write them down! It helps you narrow down the activities and improve your focus, while it boosts your motivation and excitement. A tip is to start from the big picture and start going specific, this means to start from your long term goals and end to the short term. For this reason, we have created a complete package of the must have goal planner for you, make it yours by clicking here. Start your journey to success now!

Based on studies, goal setting is a vital way of being motivated and energized to progress in your life. Having a goal makes you focused on your direction, enhances your decision-making and boosts your mental health. By using the 5 principles you will have a successful goal setting and you will succeed in all your goals. Can’t wait to see you shine out of your unleashed potential!


* The 5 principles are Locke's and Latham's Theory based on their research.

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