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Feeling powerless?: 4 quick tips to regain your inner strength

Your power is hiding in plain sight. Your power has never left, it is always there. In the ups and the downs your inner strength is there. You need to learn how to activate it.

Learning how to develop inner strength is a must for EVERYONE. It will give you the ability to overcome obstacles and bounce back from failures – because failures are inevitable.

What is inner strength?

Inner strength refers to a set of talents and skills that allows you to survive and thrive in your environment. It also involves a particular mindset that drives you to pursue growth, innovation, and excellence.

Inner strength is the wide range of mental and emotional resources (behaviors, skills and attitudes) that keep you stable and adaptable in life.

Your inner power lies within you. What inner strengths are?

  • Capabilities like mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience

  • Positive emotions, gratitude, love, self-compassion, openness

  • Attitudes like openness, confidence, determination;

  • Somatic inclinations like relaxation, grit, helpfulness

  • Virtues like generosity, courage, wisdom, hard-working

Haven’t you heard stories about people who turned their life upside down? Finding your own power does not have age. Deciding to be fearless and unstoppable does not have a social status. Unlearning to relearn does not have a financial background.

Choosing to regain your power, your inner strength and your energy is not a privilege for some people only. It is something everyone can do. There is one key step to it, to consciously decide to embark on this transformational journey.

The journey to finding your own power starts with introspection. It starts with raising your self awareness, setting your values and your aspirations. Remember: The greatest and most important adventure of our lives is discovering who we really are.

Introspection is a process that involves looking inward to examine one's own thoughts and emotions. The term is often used in everyday language to refer to the informal process of exploring one's inner life. When you reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and memories and examine what they mean, you are engaged in introspection.

Your strength is there, inside you, waiting for you to see it, take it back and maximize it. Your power was always there.

You gave it up the moment you decided - consciously or unconsciously - to allow others to decide for you. The moment you relinquished responsibility.

It might sound hard but taking responsibility is your inner power. Taking responsibility for all those things you don't like in life - to say, "I created them." - is a necessary step to be able to change it. It is not about blame. You are not necessarily to blame for what happened and is happening. Guilt will get you nowhere.

Remember that you have the ultimate responsibility for what you allow to happen, for the boundaries you don’t set, for the circumstances you accept as if you had no choice. You are responsible to acknowledge the things you don't like and take action to change them.

You have a responsibility to create new choices and take action. Until you take that responsibility, you are giving up your power.

4 quick tips on how to start taking back your power

1 - Start noticing what you think and say - Do you often complain? Do you complain about other people and situations?

2 - Start asking yourself, "How did I contribute to the situation I don't like?" - It's probably about things you didn't do or boundaries you haven't set yet.

3 - Stop whining and complaining and focus on figuring out what you can do - When you start focusing on your control zone, that's when things start to change.

4 - Start breaking the pattern and start taking responsibility for changing the things you don't like - Set a goal - literally - to get the negative/toxic situation out of your life and start taking the steps that will get you there.

No one is saying it's easy. Nor that you will make it overnight. You need to put effort. You need to be disciplined and focus on your inner capabilities. However,

“Easy choices lead to a hard life. Hard choices lead to an easy and beautiful life.”

By choosing the second option, you have already shifted your mindset to take back your power. Or at least, you stop giving up your own life.

Ready to find your power within? Ready to awaken your inner leader? Surround yourself with like-minded people in our next retreat. Further, if you want to share your experiences, learn from others and build a support system, you can join the Free Facebook Community.

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