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Embracing the Highs and Lows of a Dream Life - A Year in Reflection

Sofia Kakkava Coaching Services
Shot by Matei Muntiu

By Sofia Kakkava, Coaching Psychologist

Here is How My 2023 Went

January: A Desert Dream in Morocco

The year kicked off in the serene Agafay Desert of Morocco. Here, in a beautiful bungalow, I lived a dream I had been manifesting for years. Hosting workshops in this breathtaking setting, while seamlessly running my coaching business online, was surreal.

February: Soul Search Retreat in Costa Rica

February marked a milestone with my first retreat, 'Soul Search', in Costa Rica. Meeting many of my online clients in person was a dream come true. It was a testament to the power of online connections and the trust we build in digital spaces.

March: A Return to Holland

Despite having mixed feelings about spending five years in Holland, returning was exhilarating. I finally had my own apartment - my own space. This period was about creating a home and investing in advanced training to level up my coaching skills.

Spring Travels: Sailing in Spain

Spring was a whirlwind of travel, touching the vibrant cultures of Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza and Mallorca. Each destination brought new insights and inspirations.

June: A Second Retreat in Zanzibar

June saw me return to Zanzibar for my second retreat. This place holds a special place in my heart, always calling me back.

July: Hosting Family in the Netherlands

July was a month of family. Hosting my parents in my Netherlands home for the first time was a moment I'll always cherish.

August: The Greek Summer

August, as always, was dedicated to Greece. There's something magical about Greece in summer - a time of joy and reflection.

Sofia Kakkava reflecting on the year
Shot by Matei Muntiu

The Unseen Struggles

Behind the amazing experiences, there were challenges too. Finishing a consulting project, focusing on my coaching business meant financial adjustments. Setting up a home alone, dealing with contractors, and managing the stresses of entrepreneurship were part of the journey.

As a psychologist, I've never been immune to life's lows. This year had its share of down moments. But thanks to coaching, mindfulness, and healthy habits, I've learned to lift myself up.

Late Year Travels: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Dubai

The latter part of the year was about exploration and growth. Reconnecting with myself in India, connecting with friends in Singapore, a major training in Malaysia, fitness routines in Indonesia, and a transformative experience in Dubai - each step was a learning curve.

Closing the Year in Zanzibar

As the year ends in Zanzibar, I reflect on the intense energies and the rollercoaster of emotions. It's been a year of immense growth, mastering the art of maintaining balance, motivation, and well-being.

My Promise to You

This year taught me that consistency is key. I am here to help you navigate through your intense weeks, push you towards breakthroughs, and support you when energy is low. You don’t have to grow alone.

Let's live these experiences together; sign up for my community here to hack your life and live your dreams. If you are in the explorer phase, let's do some travels together while discovering our inner selves.

Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth together!


Sofia Kakkava is an expert coaching psychologist dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of life with a balanced and mindful approach. Join her community to find your path to wellness and success.


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